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We do produce all type of nails ranging from 50mm – 150mm.


Our products are made of steel wire Q195 and Q 290, wire of high strength and density of which makes the nails strong and not easier to bend. Our product is very clean which does not dirty the user.


Clout Nail

  • Large head nail used for fixing of ceiling boards & slate tiles.
  • Provides additional withdrawal resistance for general applications.
  • Used to manufacture pallets and furniture. | For high speed production.
  • Used by Shopfitters for joinery.
  • Provides a highly improved withdrawal resistance e.g pallet assembly.
  • General purpose nails used as a timber fastener.
  • Used for fixing of plaster board ceiling.
  • Additional withdrawal resistance for fixing of ceiling boards e.g. coastal areas.
  • Also used for Roofing.


Our packing is in bags of 20kgs which makes our customers easier to carry and handle.


The bags can be used to pack other products after use. We also pack in Corrugated Boxes of 20kgs.